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Winner of the 2001 Award for Business Excellence

[ Jan Leon ]
Artworks Created: Teaching, Tuna Run.

Jan was born in Kempsey. She moved to Forster as a teenager, and then spent many years in Sydney. In Sydney she studied screen printing, ceramics and painting at Milperra CAE.

Jan has worked in Aboriginal health, and had the opportunity to continue in that field or to join Tobwabba. She joined Tobwabba and discovered that she finds artwork very relaxing.

Jan believes there are a number of different reasons for Tobwabba's success. The first is that the artists have created their own style, not just copying the western desert style or other established styles.

The artists' use of colour is quite unique. Finally the art work is very neat, and great attention is given to detail. The reduction in the unemployment level in the local Aboriginal community and the new income coming in to the community are two of the big positives which have come from Tobwabba as far as Jan is concerned.

She would like to see more done with the kids of the community in the future. She would also like to learn a bit more about the business side of Tobwabba Art. Jan teaches Aboriginal culture at TAFE two hours a week, and sees that very positive changes have come about in Forster as a result of Tobwabba's success.

Jan's success has been an inspiration to a number of other senior women who subsequently joined the group. She intends to continue working at Tobwabba for the foreseeable future.

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